Cardinal Connection

November 2013

Chancey Implementation Plan (ChIP)

We are going into our CSIP revision season. As you know the KPREP test scores did not improve. We will begin to revise our CSIP to reflect the systemic changes needed to make school-wide improvement. I know that we are already more data driven. This intentionality will drive our instruction. All grade groups are very focused on individual student growth. The ChIP feedback form provides a framework and a focus on student achievement. You can view other grade group feedback forms on Dropbox. They are in the Professional Learning Communities folder under PLC Feedback folder 2013.

4th grade math tier 3 students graph their own success!!!!! Pre & post results show growth!!!!

Small Group Instruction in 3rd Grade

Students are working together to determine the main idea and supporting details of an informational text. Mrs. Brooks facilitates the learning by listening to each group and providing feedback.