Technology Review Remix

Can't wait to see you there!

A time of Reflection! Follow up! And Redirection??

What have you learned at Technology Wednesday sessions this year? Of those things, what is working for you in your classroom? What isn't? What suggestions or concerns do you have?

Remember! Our successes with technology aren't 100% in our control, but they certainly do depend on us! For example, you have the most brilliant lesson plan of your whole career planned a month in advance for an observation; BUT just as you begin, the server crashes!!!! What can we do about this...not much.


What we can do is continue to make technology as integral as possible, without totally relying on it to the extent that we can't continue in its absence! We can count on it working more often than not, and roll with the punches when things go bonkers!

I hope this Technology Wednesday does the following for us:

*Gives you an opportunity to share exciting success stories as well as disappointing misadventures with technologies in your instruction.

*Provides much needed feedback to administration and support staff regarding your needs and expectations for technology professional development at Mountain View.

*Allows you, as teacher leaders to share your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues.

*Empowers you to help make our technology professional development sustainable at MVES!

How we plan to mix it up!

4:30-4:35 Welcome & Set Purpose ( Why are you here?)

4:35-4:45 Blog Activity (As individuals, you will respond to the most recent blog post on my Weebly page:

4:45-5:00 Google Document Group Share Activity (As a grade level you will share 1 success story of your choice, 1 technology misadventure of your choice, and an offering of 1 possible solution to that misadventure)

5:00-5:05 Wrap up with final concerns and questions


Those of you who read all the way to the bottom get to know a secret!


Thanks for being you,