Wind Power!

wind as an alternitive energy source

How wind power works

Wind turbines uses blades to connect the wind connetic energy. The wind flows over the blades creating lift like airplane wings, which cause them to turn. These blades are connected to a drive shaft that turns an eletric generator to reduce electricity.

Where does it come from? Is it renewable?

Wind comes from the movement of the air. Wind is always moving. Warm air rises and cool air takes its place. It is renewable, too. As long as the earth keeps on heating and cooling, there will be wind power.

Is it Costly?

For a 10 kW wind turbine costs about 50,500 to install and about 40,000 for the equipment. It will however recover the cost from 6 years to 30 years depending on the wind speed and cost of electricity. It is however enviourmently friendly, so it could be a good spend depending on if you can pay for it and where you live.

Impact on the earth (advanteges and disadvanteges)

Wind power is a clean source or energy and has fewer enviornmental impacts than other energy sources. It does not polute the air or water. Plus they don't require water for cooling. The only real problem they have is that they take up space and some have caught on fire. Overall, it is better to have wind turbines than none at all.

Thomas O. Perry (late 1800's)

Thomas conducted over 5000 wind experiments to build a better wind mill. He invented a mathmatical windmill that uses gears. This alowed it to opperate in lower wind speeds.

Charles F. Brush (1888)

Charles was the first person who used a large windmill to generate electricity. Windmills that produced electricity started to be called wind turbines. He then developed Brush company.