The place of parties, castles, and fun!!

The Germany You Never Knew!!

You may have heard many things about Germany but never like this. Germany is a place to be free! It has the most zoos in the world. 6,200 museums, 820 theaters, and 8,800 libraries! That's what I call wild!! Germany is a party animal. Many traditions like the christmas tree came from Germany.

What to do?

Places to Visit

You came to the right place to tour, Germany! This place has Museum Island and Rugen Cliffs both are places you can go when your in Germany. You might know Germany has over 20,000 castles well many of them are museums, historical landmarks, and many other things. With permission you can go into certain castles. Germany is a place you won't soon forget!

First Day of School Gift

If your entering school in Germany your in for a treat! On your first day you get a school cone, a cone full of goodies and school supplies just for you. They can be can be as small as your hand or as big as a 1st grader! Now that's a lot of goodies and supplies. You'll always have a good first day at school in Germany!

Fun and Games!!

Fussball is the most popular sport in Germany it's the same thing as soccer. Handball it is just what it sounds like Handball is a sport that's also kind of like soccer but you play it with you hands. There is one goalie and six players. It might seem weird but Germans used to watch cycling on Sunday afternoon on TV. A sport that Germans play that we also play is golf same thing as it is here the same rules apply.
German culture






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