Welcome Class!

Today we will learn about Animoto!

Animoto fun!

Your task for today is to make an account with Animoto. Using some of the information we have learned in the past week, I want you to make an Animoto of the formulas we learned in class and how they apply to the real world. Use real world examples and real world pictures to show what you learned.

Questions? Ask!

I will give you class time today to work on your Animoto. Setting up an account shouldn't be too hard, just use your school email address and any password you know you will remember.

Just a few things to remember:

- Adding Titles will make the text look reasonably big, not captions

- You can move pictures around

- Try to find images that you have made or that are copyright free!

- Be creative! Math is everywhere, you just have to find it!

When is this due you ask? What are we graded on you ask?

I will assign you each a day and a time to present your videos to the class. You may bring in props, add music, tell a poem along with it, whatever you wish. You will be graded on the following:

- An accurate and interesting explanation as to why your video relates to mathematics

- Your video quality

- Your eye contact with the class

- Creativity

- Video length at least 2 minutes.

The rubric will be handed out later in class today! Have fun!