3rd Grade Final Reflection Project

Jeramy and Ezra


Cursive is another way to write.And we got this booklet of cursive and I think I did good on it.

It's like drafting but not in a draft book we did essays for a long time.But the literacy teacher will help you.

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It's another way for division.With a numerator and denominator and it looks a lot different.

Faster way for adding. We used a number line to jump by place value. We also did expanded form. We drew out base ten blocks.

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We did a test when we cut open a plant.We did pretty good on it.And it was fun.

Our solar system.We did the space project.and we had a lot of fun

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Social Studies

We did a project about Alaska.play was about the civil war.I loved it.

The 16th president.He was a good president.He's the president with the tall hat.

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We did a lot of projects of it .We even did it for related arts. It was really fun.

these were the directions

Pick a Patriot Promise Life skill needed for 3rd grade:

pizza project

We did a fraction project using pizza.It was fake so don't worry.We wrote about how we did it.