Jacob Myers

Mental Health reform

This movement was made to create a more stable and clean prisons and hospitals one of the most famous women for starting this movement is Dorothea Dix who visited many prisons and hospitals and found that some of the prisoners were women who had a mental health problem and needed help or were just fine but supposedly had a mental health problem when they don't. help us make a prisons and hospitals better by making them more stable and clean. we have an up coming event we will be going to a hospital and help those who need help. join our cause!


This movement was made to ban alcohol because of husbands coming home and beating their wives due to being drunk. The American Temperance Society was created by a group of women who were beaten by their husbands when they were drunk this society was founded in Feb 13, 1826. one of the upcoming events is we our going to go and march Washington. help us get rid of alcohol for good.

Educational Reform

This movement was made to help get more education for students one of the most famous members in our cause is a man named Horace Mann who used his political base and role as secretary of the Massachusetts State Board of Education to promote public education in his home state and nationwide. One of the upcoming events will be going to schools and tutoring students who need help. join our cause!

Women's Rights

This movement is to help women have more jobs and education like everyone else. The first gathering for women right was held July 19-20 1848 in Seneca Falls the leader of the organization was Elizabeth Cady Stanton she inspired a lot of women who wanted rights. which started the women's rights movement join our cause and give women rights.


This movement was started after a slave named Nat turner and 50 followers rebelled and killed 60 whites. One of the largest abolitionists was a runaway slave named Fredrick Douglas who created The North Star which was a abolition newspaper. Another man who has joined our cause goes by the name of William Lloyd garrison who in 1830 made a abolitionist newspaper called The Liberator and 2 years later made the new England anti-slavery society. one of our upcoming events will be a peaceful riot on a plantation. help us get rid of slavery in the united states once and for all!