Ben Franklin Middle School

August 2019

Back to School

Summer 2019 “Back to School” Wildcat Chat

Telephone: (701) 446-3600 Fax: (701) 446-3899


Back to School Night- Monday, August 19

Greetings from the Faculty and Staff at Ben Franklin Middle School. We hope you are enjoying a refreshing summer and looking forward to the return of school. There sure is a lot to think about when you’re raising a middle schooler! We hope this newsletter serves to answer the questions you may have about registration, orientation, Back to School Night, school pictures, attendance, etc.… This information can also be accessed online at: (under NEWS)

We have twelve new faces on our teaching staff this year! Faculty and staff have enjoyed the summer and are all looking forward to getting back to what we love - Educating and Empowering all Students to Succeed. Our scholars are in such a transitional phase of their lives as they navigate their road from childhood to adulthood. They face unprecedented physical, emotional, and behavioral changes during this developmental stage. With the increased pressures and decision-making responsibilities that come with this age; teachers often serve as our students’ role model, leader, mentor, counselor, sage, advocate, champion, coach, cheerleader, and guide. We work to spark confidence where there is doubt, curiosity where there is apathy. Our teachers are committed to help your child learn and live our core values of Relationship, Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Growth Mindset.

A word about schedule change requests: Faculty are hired and placed based on the number of students requesting our courses. All our students are cautioned to choose their electives carefully, as each choice is a commitment - just as we’ve committed to our faculty. Thank you for understanding, respecting, and trusting that all our TEAMS and teachers are focused on the success of your child and that schedule change requests cannot be met. Again, we are all committed to taking excellent care of our scholars as they transition through middle school. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Mr. Martin, Principal

Ben Franklin Middle School Registration Dates and Times for 2019-2020

Student schedules are enclosed in this mailing. You will notice both locker number and combination are printed on the schedule. Please try the combination before the first day of school if possible. If you have not gone online to register, please do so today. We need each family to complete the online packets. If you have any problems logging in to your Parent PowerSchool account or have questions, please call the school. It is great to see that many of you have already filled in the required forms online. If you do not have computer access at home, we have computers available for you.

School office hours for help with registration are as follows; August 12, 13, 14 and 15 from 7:30am-4:30pm and on Friday, August 16 from 7:30am-Noon.

We suggest that all parents answer “YES” to the question, “Is the student going to participate in co-curricular activities?” Last year we found that most students chose to do so and this will save you time later. Students will not be allowed to participate in activities without these forms.

To use your smart phone for PowerSchool here are some simple instructions to help you:

Download the app from the app store.

When the app loads and shows the space to enter the district code, click on “what/where is my district code?’ then ‘Search for Your District’. There will be an option to manually enter the server address:

After this is entered, navigate to the login screen and enter the username and password to log in to PowerSchool.

New Student Orientation Sessions: August 12 and 13, 2019

Times are: August 12 at 11:45am and 4:00pm as well as August 13 at 11:45am.

Sessions will be approximately 30 minutes. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Ben Franklin Middle School as well as the perfect time to ask questions that may be beneficial to you and others new to Ben Franklin. Before or after this session you may walk your schedule and try your locker. Your locker will be located in your team center area.

We will also have staff available to assist you with the following purchases during registration:

1. Pay activity fees for Fall Sports ($30.00 BF 7th and 8th Grade Volleyball and Football only)

2. Purchase a t-shirt for Phy. Ed. if you don’t already have one. ($10 - required for all grades.)

3. Deposit any amount you choose to the student meal account. (Daily lunches are $2.70 this year)

4. Purchase your student a “BF Student Activity Pass” for $30.00 (For all FPS high school sporting events)

5. Yearbook for 2019-2020 $15.00

From our School Nurse

Health information needs to be completed on line each year. Since little of the information on this card may change from year to year the data is stored and you will simply be doing an update of this information as needed. Please remember that our school nurse needs permission to administer Ibuprofen, Tums, or Tylenol (Acetaminophen). If you wish this to be an option, please indicate this on the form.

Emergency Care Plan: If your student has a health issue that will require more than standard first aid care a special form called the “Emergency Care Plan” will need to be completed by a parent/guardian and signed by the student’s Health Care Provider. These forms will be available at registration from the school nurse and are on line as well.


Daily medication, short-term antibiotics, and OTC medications: A “Medication Administration” form must be completed by a parent/guardian and signed by the student’s Health Care Provider. Medications brought to school must be in their original containers.

Self-Administration Medications: If a student needs to carry a medication on them while at school a “Medication Self-Administration” form must be completed by a parent/guardian and signed by the student’s Health Care Provider. If a student needs an Asthma inhaler, make sure they have their inhaler with them. The “Medication Self-Administration” form should then be brought to school as soon as possible.

Medication forms also need to be renewed each school year. If your student will be seeing their physician prior to registration, all required forms are also available on the BEN FRANKLIN website under “Quick links-STUDENT PARENT FORMS.”

All forms are found here:

School Pictures

Scherling Photography will be taking our school pictures on Tuesday, August 27th during the school day. Envelopes will be sent home with students on the first day of school and a copy is included in this newsletter. The picture envelope with payment should be brought to school with your student on the day of pictures. These will be given to the photographer at the time your student’s photo is taken. Checks should be made out to Ben Franklin Middle School PTA. As you prepare your picture envelope, please enclose a separate check. Sorry for any inconvenience. Scherling’s has an online payment this year which allows you to use electronic payment. Check it out if that works best for you. The picture envelope has instructions and pricing. All students will have their photo taken and only those that return their picture envelope will have pictures printed. These pictures are used for photo ID cards as well as for the yearbook.

Fargo Public Schools Nutrition Services NEW Prices

Grade Level

2019-2020 Breakfast Price

2019-2020 Lunch Price




Middle School






Reduced (Middle School)



*Letters to households will be mailed during the first week in August and need to be completed each year. Forms may be brought to school and we will route them or you may mail them directly. You may also apply online with ease. Go to:

Students may deposit to their lunch account in varying increments. Envelopes and deposit boxes are available near the main office and in the cafeteria. Deposits need to be made in the morning in order to receive credit that day. This year School Pay deposits you make will allow funds to be available within 20 minutes of your online transactions.

Attendance Policy

Research shows that attendance is the single most important factor in school success.


First Step: Always a call or note when your student will not be in school.

· A parent/guardian must call the attendance office to report a student absence by 9:30am. If no phone call is received, the student will need a signed note excusing them when they check in to attendance upon return.

· Students coming to school after classes have begun or returning to school after an appointment must stop at the Attendance Office for a Return Slip. They need a signed note to check in unless we have already received a phone call.

· If you know in advance that your student will be absent, please send a signed note to attendance including student name/grade, date/time of absence, parent phone #, and reason for absence.

· Absence for family vacation – A note needs to be turned in to the Attendance Office prior to the absence. Students must arrange for homework before the absence. The student is responsible for makeup when he/she returns to school.

· Any absence not verified by phone or note will be considered unexcused.

Second Step: Early release passes

· Students leaving during the day must pick up a Release Slip from the Attendance Office by 9:30. Their signed note from home must include student name/grade, time of release, reason, and phone number. Students will be excused to meet their ride at the time listed on the note.

· Any absence not verified by phone or note will be considered unexcused.

No note or Return Slip is necessary for school athletics or activities.

Homework may be requested after 3 consecutive days of absence.

Parent Involvement Opportunities

Please call Kate Fluge (701) 799-6808 or the school (701) 446-3600 if you would be willing to volunteer in any area. Our first big need is for school pictures on Tuesday, August 27. Sessions start at 7:45am and run throughout the school day. Please consider joining the PTA. Your membership dues help with revenue which fund school projects and opportunities. When logging into School Pay, look under nonprofit groups.

Fall Sports


Start Date

Time / Location

Co-Curricular Meeting

Monday, 8/19/19

5:30pm /Gym 2

8th Grade Football

Tuesday, 8/20/19

3:45pm meet in boy’s locker room

7th/8th Volleyball

Tuesday, 8/20/19

3:45pm: 7th in Gym 2 / 8th in Gym 1

Cross Country (7-12)

Early August

North High/TBD/Phone 446-2400

Girls Golf (7-12)

Early August

North High/TBD/Phone 446-2400

Girls Swimming and Diving

Early August

North High/TBD/Phone 446-2400

Boys Tennis

Early August

North High/TBD/Phone 446-2400

6th Volleyball and Cross Country


Listen to announcements.


· Current Physical must be turned in BEFORE the first practice.

· Both HIPAA and Concussion Protocol must be signed off in PowerSchool.

· 7th grade student athletes as well as any 8th grade students new to the district must attend a parent/athlete meeting prior to the start of the season.

*Back to School Night*

Monday, August 19, 2019 is “Back to School Night”. Ben Franklin will host a Co-Curricular meeting in Gym 2 at 5:30 for student athletes along with their parents. Team meetings with your student’s English, Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers are assigned below. Magnet cycle calendars will be distributed at Team Time. Locations will be posted by the Main Office. Encore teachers will be in their rooms throughout the evening for you to visit and receive information. Please stop by at your convenience.

Grade 6- 6:00 PM Team Time

Grade 7 6:25 Team Time

Grade 8 6:50 Team Time

Puma Team (6-1)

Leslie Beadle, Kristi Brandt, Sara Clites and Stacy Warzecha

Team 7-1

Holly Fiechtner, Jeffrey Jones, Anna Claire Tandberg, and Sarah Volk

Team 8-1

Sarah Gleason, Matthew Hallquist, Kerri Lee, and Jessica Rice

Team 6-2

Julie Feske, Kari Selisker, and Rodney Volk

Team 7-2

Cameron Dockter, Theresa Nygaard, Laura Qualey, and Steven Saville

Team 8-2

Ryan Gravalin, Carissa Krenz, Beth Thompson, and Rachel Vig

Panther Team (6-3)

Alana Gardner, Karen Harder, Alison Hoeg, and Travis Hoeg

Optional after or before your Team Time talk: at both 6:25 and 6:50 we will hold a Q & A session in the auditorium to answer your questions about the take-home procedure for Personal Learning Devices.

Class Times 2019-2020

Period Times

One^---- 8:50-9:37

TWO---- 9:41-10:25


FOUR--- 11:17-12:23 (6th w/Lunch) /11:17-12:01 (7th & 8th)

Five--- 12:05-1:11 (7th & 8th w/Lunch) /12:27-1:11(6th)

Six--- 1:15-1:59

Seven* ---2:03-2:47

Eight--- 2:51-3:35

^ Announcements

* Messages delivered

On-Line Calendar

Ben Franklin On-Line Calendar Instructions:

1. Click on an underlined date to see the activities for the day.

2. Use the VIEW: drop down menu to jump to a specific month.

3. View the whole week can be used to see all events for any given week.

4. Locations can be links to open maps and directions.

5. Notify me! Set yourself up for automatic email reminders before an activity is to begin or for any changes.

6. Select View by Type: to narrow your event choices to specific categories.

7. Get detailed schedules by selecting a schedule (use your Ctrl key to select multiple schedules) and then click VIEW.

8. Use the Go to Advanced View option to get detailed reports by location, gender, level, etc.