Tried, Tested and Transformed

How the Great War changed the lives of soldiers

John Allen

Hi my name is John Allen and i was a English-Canadian Soldier in The Great War. I joined the war at the age of 17; leaving behind my mother and sister. As a Canadian, I joined the war to serve and protect my country. During the war I faced many challenges, gained experience, and felt the struggle of many other soldiers. Although we faced many challenges, i got to serve and protect my country.

This is my book of remembrance! Enjoy!

Tried 1914-1918

While we were soldiers, we faced many problems living in the trenches. It was very difficult living there as the living and working conditions we were in were very poor. I've fought in many wars, but the major war i fought in was the battle of Passchendale.

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Tested 1919-1923

After the war, I went back home to Saskatchewan to my family. Lifestyles have changed since I left for The Great War. There are fewer jobs available now, so many of had to find alternative jobs.

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Transformed 1925-1929

My farmland has grown drastically compared to when I first bought it. My farmland has impacted my life greatly and changed my life.

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