It may be worse than you realize!

Effects of Smoking

The effects of smoking can include stained teeth, yellow fingernails, wrinkly skin, and even smelly hair. Smoking can affect your voice and cause chronic bronchitis, COPD, and even many dangerous cancers. Anxiety and irritability may also be caused by smoking.

Effects of Smoking on the Lungs

Smoking may cause lung cancer, which is the most common cancer caused by smoked. Smoking causes the lungs to become black and charred. The lungs may overproduce mucus due to the irritation of the lungs cause by smoke. Chronic Bronchitis, more commonly 'Smoker's Cough,' is caused by the extra mucus that is produced. Smoking also breaks down the structure of the lungs; the elastic walls of the small airways are broken down.

Effects of Smoking on Other Systems

Smoking affects the integumentary system by constricting the blood vessels at the top layers of the skin. Smoking also accelerates the aging process by creating wrinkles in the skin earlier in life. Smoking discourages the production of new and healthy cells, meaning that the cells (especially in the nails and hair) will become affected whether they change color or start to produce an odor.


Lung cancer, COPD, Heart Disease, Stroke, Asthma, Reproductive issues in women, Premature/Low-birth weight babies, diabetes, Blindness/Cataracts, and other cancers are some of the most common diseases that can all be cause by smoking.


The best way to prevent illnesses from smoking is to not participate in it at all. If you abstain from smoking, you will be healthier and most likely live longer than those around you who smoke.