Customer Segmentation the Sandler Way With the KARE Tool

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Most companies have many accounts they track in one form or another. And all of the clients and prospects typically have designations of some type as they are differentiated by size, vertical market, geographic location, commercial vs. public sector, etc.

But what do those labels really tell you about the traits and tendencies of the accounts? What does knowing those designations really do to help you understand the relative importance of the accounts to your strategy and mission?

We all know the duck test. If it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and waddles like a duck, it's likely a duck. But before we can make that determination, we need to know that a duck quacks, waddles and swims. Once we know that, we've earned the right to identify a duck or a giraffe, a bull or a whale. But it's understanding the attributes of those species that earns you the right to know and, as a result, to treat them differently.

That's the beauty of the KARE tool (one of 13 different tools in Sandler Enterprise Selling). KARE designates all of your accounts into four profiles - Keep, Attain, Recapture and Expand. Having such meaningful designations earns you the right to take action, based on your understanding. And the four profiles create a common language within your organization, a language that provides clarity about these treasured assets - your clients and prospects!

Do you want to learn more about how Sandler Enterprise Selling and the KARE tool can focus your selling efforts and position you to win more business? If so, come to the Sandler Enterprise Selling (KARE) workshop.

Workshop: Customer Segmentation the Sandler Way with the KARE Tool

Thursday, May 14th, 9am-12pm

Sandler Training by BMC, 1231 East Dyer Road Suite 215, Santa Ana, CA 92705

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