John F. Kennedy

by D. Huynh

Early Life

John Fritzgerald Kennedy otherwise known as Jack was born in 1963 in Brooklyne Massachutecets. Acording to the biography I Am John F. Kennedy, Jack belonged to a large wealthy family, he was the 2nd of the 9 Kennedy children. The whole family went to elite private schools all around America, the Kennedy family did very well, all accept Jack who would achieve average grades. He and his older brother Joe were extremely competitive, but they still loved and cared for each other. As a child Jack loved to ready, he spent most of his time doing so as he was always staying home do to his poor health.


Jack went to Princeton University, however his father wanted him to attend Harvard, his old school. According to I Am John F. Kennedy Jack’s grades weren’t high enough, so his family influenced the School Board to accept him. Shortly after getting accepted he went to Europe in 1937 with his father to study. In 1940 WWll broke our, so Jack joined the Navy, and again he wasn’t accepted to due his back problems, so his family had to get him in. He was a commander of a PT-Boat until a japaneese destroyer blew it up. After the explosion he gathered up his remaining crew members and led them to the safety of a small island where they were rescued. Unfortunetely Joe died in 1946. His father wanted his oldest son to become a largest political figure, like him. His 2nd oldest son Jack accepted the challenge. John became part of the U.S senate in 1946, and married Jackqueline Lee Bouvier. Life great for Jack until his back problem started to plague him. He was sent to the hospital, while he was there he wrote the bestseller Profiles In Courage. In 1960 he became the younges president at age 43, he also was the first Roman Catholic President.


Almost instantly after becoming president, Jack was caught in many foreign affairs.

In 1961 an invasion name The Bay Of Pigs, an operation to eliminate the communist dictator of Cuba Fidel Castro, failed. The invasion was planned by Harry .S Truman, and Signed by Kennedy, Jack got lot’s of public criticism for the invasion. Shortly after the Bay Of Pigs crisis U.S spy planes found nuclear weapons on the island of Cuba. Jack immediantly set up a naval blockade, to stop any other missiles from reaching Cuba. The Russian president, seeing the damage a nuclear war could cause, signed a peace treaty with Kennedy. The Russians would take away their missiles in Cuba, and the Americans would take away their missiles in Turkey. Jack was a very strong supporter of the civil right movement, in fact he even helped Dr. Martin Luthur King free Rosa Parks from jail. Many people disagreed with him, but hack didn’t care. Jack created many things for the people, including Peace Corps, a company that helps 3rd world countries. All was going well until his assassination in Dallas Texas.


Jack was a very successful man, for instance, he was the youngest president at just age 42! He was the first roman catholic to become president, he stopped one of the most brutal wars, that had the potential to end humanity. Jack’s assassination shook not just the nation, but the whole world. Many people believed he had the potential to do more if wasn’t assassinated. Many people believe that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy, but nobody knows for sure. Oswald was assassinated the day before trial by the owner of a night club. In turn there are many theories around Kennedy's death, the most popular being the magic bullet theory. People remember him for his brave stance in the cold war, he not only saved multiple lives, but he possibly could've saved the world from a nuclear war.