Jane Addams Update

Principal Notes, January 2019

Important Dates

No School January 21 ~ Martin Luther King Jr. Day

No School January 22 ~ Teacher Institute Day

Wednesday, January 30th 5:00-7:30 pm @ Winston Campus Elementary ~ Kindergarten Registration for Second Language and ECDEC students (if needed, snow day January 31st)

Tuesday, February 5th 9:30-11 am, 1-3 pm, 6-8 pm Kindergarten Registration at D15 neighborhood schools. (If needed, snow day February 7th)

No School February 18th ~ President's Day

No School February 19th ~ Teacher Plan Day

Jane Kurtz Author Visit at Jane Addams ~ February 26th

Thanks for driving carefully!

We are working to support a safe drop-off and pick-up for your child. Thank you for helping us by not blocking any drive or street access as you safely enter the Jane Addams driveway.

Your patience is appreciated.

Attendance is Critical for School Success

As we start a new year, we want to applaud the efforts you have made to have your child at school and to arrive at on time. At this time of year, winter weather can present a challenge due to changing weather conditions. Additionally, we are all aware of the increase in illness this time of year. We appreciate it is even harder to have your student attend school each day.

Continue to call if your child is ill, absent due to the observance of a religious holiday, or your child will miss school due to a family emergency. We understand there are unavoidable reasons for your child being gone and there is a need to report your child absent from school.

Absence #: 847-963-5001

In light of these circumstances, even excused absences can lead to academic struggles. High absences can result in low achievement and impact student growth. We want to see every child succeed. At Jane Addams, it is one of our goals to increase active engagement in our lessons. We want students at school to work with us on this goal.