A new BBQ technique that will WOW! family & friends

Make your BBQ memorable with Aussie-Grilling-Planks

Simply pre-soak the Aussie-Grilling-Planks in water or beer - then place the grilling planks on your BBQ with your choice of meat or vegetables on the planks. Close the lid and allow the heat and smoke from the planks to cook your food. The unique flavours and scents from the cedar wood will result in a gourmet delight that will give your BBQ a unique and memorable edge.

The Starter Pack

Western Red Cedar Planks are the most versatile and popular plank grilling experts.

The flavour works exceptionally well when barbecuing fish, meat, chicken and vegetables, which will make your BBQ a gourmet experience with friends asking you for your secret.

The Western Red Cedar Planks are rough cut for maximum soaking penetration and smouldering benefits, Double thick (2 cm) for maximum reuse.

The Economy/Starter Pack includes:

  • 4 Western Red Cedar Planks (15 x 30 x 2 cm thick)
  • Instruction Sheet

Price: $17.75 plus $6.60 postage anywhere in Australia

Aussie-Grilling-Planks make great gift ideas for those friends who have it all.


Grilling planks are flammable and like any other BBQ utensils, they need to be properly washed and cleaned for hygienic reasons - especially when reused!