University of Technical Institute


Basic School Info

Located: Sacramento, CA

Strong Manufacturing training

Admissons: undergraduation fee


Student teacher ratio: 30 to1

Location Information


Fun things to do:

* California state railroad museum

*Sacramento zoo

*Governors mansion

*California exposition & state fair


* Spring & Summer 70-90

* Fall & Winter 40-60


*Pacific Ocean

*Coastal Mountains

*Lake Tahoe

Paying for college

* save money

* get a loan

* apply for scholarships

Achieveing post high school goals

My goals for the next 4 yrs of high school are

* Have a good GPA or a gpa of 3.5

* Taking classes that will help me go to the college i want d

*Getting more involved in clubs and extra curicular activities

Classes i will take to acheive these goals

* Drafting

* Metal fabrication

* 2 yrs of a foriegn launguage

* Engineering class