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January 2017

2017: A New Year Upon Us

With the dawning of a new year, the CHS Library will strive towards becoming the information hub at Colton High School.

CHS Teen Library Advisory

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Students who are interested in planning library activities and selecting books are encouraged to join the CHS Library Teen Advisory group. Meetings will occur during first and second lunch on late start days for creating agenda items. Members from both groups will decide on the best ways for moving forward at an after school meeting the last Tuesday of the month.

January & February 2017 Books of the Month

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Fifth wave was selected at the CHS Yellowjacket 2016 Book of the Year. However, since it was the first book in the series, students answered a survey question on whether the library should only order this title and/or proceeding ones for the Book of the Month selection. Fifth wave and Infinite sea became the January & February selections through this process.

Since CHS Yellowjacket Literate Club had limited after school attendance, this will continue virtually through the Book of the Month club.

Participants will sign and follow a contract with the following guidelines:

1. Library & textbook clearance from elementary school-present

2. Participation on Haiku/Power Learning Discussion Thread

3. Three Week book check out

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Evaluating Fake News

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"Fake news" has become rampant and more apparent through the 2016 Presidential election. How can it be spotted? What information is actually reliable? I created a Padlet of helpful websites to answer these questions. How to spot fake news

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