Objects in the Sky

By: Molly s

What is the moon?

The moon is the earths closest nabor . The moon takes 28 days to orbit the earth . The moon has these big holes in it they are called craters.

What is the sun?

The sun is a star.

Why is it so much bigger you ask?? Becuse its closer to the earth. If you are ever in space do not go near it. If you do you will get so hot you will die of heat.

What are stars ????

Stars are big balls of diffrent types of gasses. The stars can make big piutcres in the sky. these piutcres are calle constlations. I will name a couple: big dipper, little dipper, orains belt, ursa magor ursa minor.

The sky!

Well autly i'm not going to tell you what the sky is cause i think i just told you. : )