Nuclear Energy

Clean energy source for the future or a dangerouse fuel?

Advantages of Nuclear Energy

  • Nuclear does not produce any Carbon Dioxide which causes global warming
  • Nuclear energy is reliable. It doesn't depend on the weather.

How nuclear energy works

The energy behind nuclear energy comes from the process called FISSION! Fisson is the splitting of atoms, like Uranium, and results in the release of lots of energy.
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How electricity gets produced

The energy that gets released from fission is then used to heat water. That heated water turns into steam which then turns a turbine. The turning of the turbine transforms that kinetic energy inside the electromagnet in the generator into electricity.
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How nuclear energy works

How Nuclear Energy Works

Disadvantages of Nuclear Power

  • Nuclear waste, which is hazardous, can stick around for thousands of years.
  • Possible terrorist threat.
  • Power plant accidents could releases radioactive waste.

Chernobly Ukraine Disaster- 1986.

The worst nuclear power plant accident ever. 31 deaths occurred and radioactive waste still resides throughout the area.
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