By: Emily Huffmier.

How much a vet makes a year.

A veterinarian makes $50,480 to $141,680 per year.

Main job responsibilities.

Veterinarians duties and responsibilities deals with taking care of their animal patients. Vets must be able to diagnose, treat their patient, and be responsible for any medical procedures that need to be done on the animal.

Educational subjects

If you want to be a vet you should take biology, chemistry and sience.

What a vet usually wears to work

A vet would usually were a white science jacket.

Before you become a vet

Before you become a vet you should take a 4-year college, preferably in biology or a related field with a high GPA. You need 4 years of undergraduate school and then 4 more years at a veterinary school.

Were does this job take place

It would most likely take place in a lab/office.