Character Development of Jack

By Swetha V and Rachel H


In the book, Lord Of The Flies, Jack was a character who always sought superiority that he obtained and used to his advantage.

Jack was one of the characters in the book that ended up changing the most, by the drastic environment of the island which brought out his true colors and personality by the end of the book. The island caused Jack to change from a leader of the choir boys, to a savage blood crazy twelve year old boy leading the rest of the boys by initiation of fear.

Quote 1 and analysis supporting Thesis Statements

Quote 1: ‘“I ought to be chief,” said Jack with simple arrogance, “because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.”’ (22)

Analysis; This quote shows that Jack always wanted to be superior and wanted power. He already has superiority in his choir because he says he is the head boy. He also says that he “ought to be chief” which symbolizes the need and desire to be in power and lead the group of boys.

Quote 2 and analysis supporting Thesis statement

Quote 2: "[Jack] began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling" (4.33)

Analysis: Jack is taking the whole 'becoming one with your prey' way to seriously. He is practically morphing into an animal himself which isn't helping his urge to be ahead one bit.

Quote 3 and analysis supporting Thesis statement

Quote 3: "I'm not going to play anymore. Not with you"

Analysis: This quote is showing that Jack is becoming more and more hard and less of a fun twelve year old boy. He no longer wants to mess around, he's cracking down to business which shows that he is slowly becoming more rugged and less likely to focus on anything fun or uplifting.


Throughout the whole book, Jack was always wanting power and to control others. In the beginning of the novel, he obtained some power by being able to lead the hunting group. Soon later he wanted more power and tried to overthrow Ralph.Jack finally obtained the power he wanted, controlling all the boys, and used to his advantage. He sat on logs making himself look like a king while all the littluns brought him food and obeyed whatever he said. He was a dictator and he didn’t realize what evil had gotten into him for power until the ending when the sailor comes in to rescue the boys. Just because having power may seem cool, there's a whole lot that comes with it. Jack gained his power and took advantage and became an evil and ruthless person. Having power is huge, but how you maintain it is more important.

Discussion questions

•1. What is your opinion on Jack?

•2. How is Jack’s character portrayed in the beginning? Does it change or stay the same throughout the whole book?

•3. Do you approve of Jack's decisions throughout the book? Explain.

•4. In your opinion, why do you think Jack sought for so much power?

•5. What would you do if you were in Jack’s position when Jack did not have enough power that he wanted? Do you agree with what Jack has done in the novel or would you change that?