Walk the Schedule Night

Team Equalizer


Team Equalizer would like for you to: (on a daily basis)

  • Check their agendas
  • Ask your student what they learned that day
  • Make sure that their homework/projects are complete

Tutoring Times are:

Math- Monday/Wednesday


ELA- Tuesday/Wednesday

Social Studies- Wednesday/Thursday

Ms. Henry, Ms. McGoogan, Mr. Rhodes, Mrs. Simmons

We are excited about making 8th grade a wonderful and successful year for your student!!!

Mrs. Simmons

Science Students are completing their first unit on Geological Time. The scheduled test for tomorrow will be on Monday September 28th.

Remember...the student in EACH class with the highest passing score will receive a FREE movie ticket to Four Seasons Movie theater.

Warm-up--If radioactive decay began with 400,000 parent atoms, how many would be left after 3 half lives? (your student should be able to explain!!!)


8th grade Field Trip-"Old Salem"

8th grade field trip to Old Salem will be Friday Oct. 9th. The cost is 13.00 with a school lunch or 20.00 if they order from Chick -fil-A in advance.