Whitley Road Elementary School

Week 15, December 7 - 11, 2015

Are you boiling?

Watch the video on your own. It's an oldie but goodie and you can never watch it too many times! To me, it speaks volumes. I hope you, too, feel motivated and inspired to keep on pushing, no matter how tired you are...to give that extra degree to make the difference. I'd love for you to share with me if it inspired you to boil!
212 degrees-The Extra Degree-motivational video
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Monday, 12/7

Janie out

TAIS Meeting - 3:30 - 4:30 - bring your data binders

Tuesday, 12/8

District Letterland walk-through (K, 1)

Wednesday, 12/9

Team Planning in Embedded PD

Thursday, 12/10

Spelling Bee - Pre test (3rd and 4th only)

Friday, 12/11

Visitors - walk-throughs

From your Principal

Data Talks & Goal Progress Meeting

Items you should bring:

  • Istation reports
  • AIMSWeb info
  • Tier 2 logs
  • anectodotal notes
  • Guided Reading lesson plans
  • Evidence of progress to your personal goals

From your Assistant Principal


· We received 10 walkie-talkies. Each team leader will receive a walk-talkie, along with Janie, Amy, STACC, PE and I. I will be training these individuals on Weds. on how to use them. We will review the channels and who to contact within each channel at the district level and at the campus level. When you receive them, please make sure to take care of them, as they are pricey, are provided by the Security Department and will be audited at the end of the year.

TAIS Meeting Thursday

· There will be a TAIS meeting this Thursday from 3:30-5:00 with selected individuals (This meeting is in addition to the ones conducted by Dr. Harper). The people selected for this meeting have been emailed and invited. Please make sure to make every effort to be present if you’ve been invited. If you cannot attend this meeting, please send an alternate from your team. We will be analyzing information.

Fire Drill

· December 17th.

LPAC Training:

· Yearly LPAC training will be on December 17th during the staff meeting.


· Please make sure to follow the timeline established for SITs. We have a new process set in place and it’s important that we all abide by the timeline. Students referred after the referral date will be automatically added to January. Janie is working on the December schedule. Please make sure to get the SIT request form from her box and turn it into her by the timeline below.

· SITs were originally scheduled for December 11th; however, since the SIT calendar was created at the BOY, a mandatory meeting at the district level was scheduled on December 11th as-well. New SIT date is now Wednesday, December 16th. Please follow the SIT timeline below.

· Last day for referral, Monday, December 7th.

· Parent conferences by Wednesday, December 9th .

· Email intervention logs to Charlie by Monday, December 14th

· SIT day Wednesday, December 16th.

From your Counselor

The One Minute Inservice - Take a Minute, Learn a LOT!

The Two-By-Ten Strategy for Dealing with Difficult Students

It probably would take little effort for you to identify your most difficult student. This

child is active, disruptive, and frustrating. Researcher Raymond Wlodkowski

investigated a strategy called Two-by-Ten and found very successful results. With the

strategy, the teachers focus on their most difficult student. For two minutes each day,

ten days in a row, teachers have a personal conversation with the student about

anything the student is interested in (as long as the conversation is appropriate for

school). Wlodkowski found an 85% improvement in that one student’s behavior. In

addition, he found that the behavior of all the other students in class improved.

Many teachers utilizing the Two-by-Ten strategy found similar results. Their worst

student became an ally in the class when they formed a strong personal connection with

that student. Though this seems counter intuitive, the students who seemingly deserve

the most punitive consequences we can deliver are actually the ones who most need a

positive and personal connection with the teacher. Often when they act out, they are

letting us know that they are seeking a positive connection with an adult authority

figure and that they need that connection first, before then can or will focus on

academic content. One teacher using the Two-by-Ten strategy said, “Not only does it

help with the toughest students, but also it helps the teachers remember their humanity

as they attempt to survive and thrive in the classroom.

From Your Instructional Coach

Bossy R Video

This video demonstrates how to teach students to read words with ar, er, ir, or, and ur. A common nickname for these combinations is Bossy R.


Word Study in Action

A look at a word study lesson where students learn about applying The Doubling Rule to spell words. The lesson demonstrates how students work with the teacher to write a rule in their own words to apply The Doubling Rule.


From your PTA President

  • yearbooks are currently on sale for $20 till March 11
  • still need PTA Members
  • 3 members away from the Silver Voice for Every Child Award. Which means our membership is 50% of enrollment!
  • 11 Grandparents away from Generations award for having 50 Grandparents join PTA
  • 19 Student Members away from Student Membership Achievement Award for having 25 Student Members
  • 46 Community Members away form the Community Award for having 50 Community Members (members who do not have a child enrolled at the campus)