Dreams By Langston Hughes

by: Emily Lenzer


T- makes me think of someones past dreams or of someone who is reminded of how great dreams can be.


hold on to your last dreams

for dreams don't live forever

when they die you'll feel like your a broken doll

That cannot be fixed

hold on to your last dreams

for if your dreams go

your imagination puts up a wall

to protect you from the thing that took your dreams.

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The author has a kinda unhappy attitude because his dreams probably went away.

He talks about how eventually his dreams go away and if they die off life would be like a broken- winged bird.

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The poet seems to be sad about dreams because he most likely doesn't dream anymore.

he says " For when dreams go life is a barren field frozen with snow" or he said "For if dreams die life is a broken- winged bird that cannot fly"

so it seems as if he is sad about dreams.

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it still in pain towards the end because he said that you have to hold on to your dreams because eventually one day they will die.
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I think the the title dreams is about when you lose you dreams they're gone you don't get them back. The feeling you get from the poem is kinda upsetting i mean it says your dreams will die and once they're gong you can't get them back.
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I think the overall theme is that you need to hold on to your dreams because one day they won't come back they'll be gone forever. You won't be able to see them ever again.
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