My poems

By Shara


Fresh off the grill,

Everyon runs to get to this meal.

With the sweet taste of BBQ sauce,

It always makes my eyes go criss cross.

When I get my plate

I can hardly wait.

At last out comes the steak,

Thank you Lord for this time of date.

I's all over the place.-Alliteration

I love igor,

It has ignorness,

I have ignort sister.

Everything in the world-Couplet

I love my baby horse

My sisters hate my course.

In my house,

we have a very friendly.

We have a big dog,

She likes to be a hog.

Pussy cat- Limerick

There was a old cat,

He likes to sit on a hat.

Pussy cat,

Why do you like that old hat,

He almost sat on a tack.