Michelle Alvarez

My individual action plan inspired by the film, Rudy

Setting goals

Academic Goals: My academic goal is to get good grades and a good GPA in high school.

Athletic Goals: My athletic goal is to play volleyball, and do swimming.

Personal Goals: My personal goals are to finish college, get a bachelors and masters degree.


Teacher/Coaches: My teacher resources are Mr.Jezowski, Mrs.Nguyen, Mr.Samarin, Mrs.Dibley, and Mrs.Gowen

Relatives: My relative resources are my mom, dad, brother, sister, and my cousins

Friends: My friend resources are Kelsey, Princess, Betsy, Julissa

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: My physical obstacle is my laziness.

Family Obstacles: My family obstacle is my siblings not believing in me.

School Obstacles: My school obstacle is my grades not helping me achieve my goals.

Financial Obstacles: My financial obstacles is having enough money to pay for my college tuition.

My personal action plan

Attitude/Motivation plan: My attitude and motivation plan is to be positive about everything and if I fail I will keep trying just like Rudy kept trying when we wasn't getting accepted to Notre Dame.

Education/Training plan: My education plan is to stay after class if I don't understand something well or ask questions.

Plan for Acquiring Needed Skills: My plan for acquiring my needed skills is studying more than usual.

Plan for Study and Practice: My plan for study and practice is to do it in a quiet place where I can concentrate well.

Rudy - Trailer