Push and Pull Factors

Philip K

Religious Persecution

A. The country for this section is Iran.

B. The Christians in Iran would be moving out because of punishment for their beliefs. For example, 4 men were subjected to 80 lashes, just for drinking wine during communion. Many other Christians have been persecuted in this Islam- dominant country. Iran has been making this behavior common, trying to crack down on this religious freedom.

C. Many Christians who live in Iran would most likely go to a country like the USA or the UK, that has religious freedom. There, they can practice their beliefs without being persecuted.

D. (Picture by the text) Picture: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/10/27/iran-gives-christians-80-lashes-for-communion-wine-as-un-blasts-human-rights/

Ethnic Persecution

A. Country: Sudan (In 2011)

B. On June 5th, 2011, the Sudanese Armed Forces launched an extermination attack on the Nuba people, killing many. This kind of ethnic persecution would drive some people away from their country.

C. I assume many of the Nuba people fled into neighboring countries, or to a different part of Sudan to hide. Once there they could olive their lives again, and most likely not have to be on the run constantly

D. http://persecutionproject.org/general/war-spreads-blue-nile-state-sudan/

Enviornmental Factors

A. Country: Philippines

B. Recently,the Philippines was hit with a massive typhoon. Many people were killed or injured. In addition, people lost almost everything that they owned, including their whole homes

C. The people in the Philippines would most likely move to a neighboring or close country, once able to. There, they could begin a new life, with new home

D. Picture: http://nypost.com/2013/11/09/off-the-charts-killer-typhoon-leaves-more-than-100-dead-in-philippines-2/

Economic Motives

A. Mexico

B. Many people in this country are looking to the US for its economy. Ours is much better than theirs, and many people cross the borders for it, many illegally.

C. The people migrating are mostly going to the US, to reap the benefits of our better economy. They cross in the southern border of the US, and make their way into the US like that

D. Picture: http://people.howstuffworks.com/immigration5.htm

Political Factors

A. Indonesia

B. With Indonesia's transmigration program, many people left the country. They felt the government was being oppressive. It is normal that they would leave

C. They most likely went to countries with a more just government. Some close one sop would be on like Australia

D. Picture: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruise/ports/group/home.do?portCode=BOA

Forced Migration

A. Native American Lands

B. In the 1800's, Native Americans were forced to leave homelands, and take the Trail of Tears. This was a part of the Indian Removal Act, which forced thousands of Natives to move away from their homes

C. The Natives moved to territories in the west. Although many died along the way, some still set up communities. However, the Trail of Tears was a cruel example of forced migration.

D. http://cherokee1838.tripod.com/lindneux_painting.htm