Love, Lucas

By; Chantele Sedgwick


Okaley's older brother Lucas has cancer. He later passes away. Okaley suffers from great depression now. Lucas was not just her older brother but her best friend. Her mom and dad are getting a divorce which tears her apart even more. Okaley and her mom move to her Aunt Joe's ( her mom's sister) for a little while. A couple weeks there she meets a guy named Carson. Read this book and see what happens to Okaley and her family.

Man vs. Man

Okaley and her mom are arguing. Okaley is upset with her mom because she is divorcing her dad a few months after Lucas passed away. She feels like she's losing everyone she is close with.

Precept and conflict

There are plenty of obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become of of them.

Pg.159 "Mom told you what's happening i'm sure" "i nod and swallow the sudden lump in my're getting divorced"

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