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Who Is Tamika Melvin?

Tamika Melvin is an author, mother of three boys, and the CEO/Founder of her own publishing company New South Publications. She currently resides in Raleigh NC, but is originally from Brooklyn NY where she was raised until her late teen years. She began writing poetry and stories as a child to escape all the harsh realities she had encountered in her lifetime.

In 2006, she tragically lost her daughter who was 7-months old and that itself sent Tamika into rage, aguish, and depression for quite a few years. However about six years ago with hard work and dedication, Tamika self-published her first novel in 2011 (Miles Away Torn Apart) which did well. A few years later in 2013 & 14 she went into modeling, and in 2015 she published her own magazine New South in which to promote underrated talent and artists here in North Carolina and that also did extremely well.

She is currently promoting her new Urban Fiction novel Betrayal of Trust which was released October 2017 along with her New South Lip Shine (gloss) line. She’s also currently working on a ‘Betrayal’ fragrance line and a Re-direction program aimed for at-risk young men called Boys Don’t Bang or Slang. Tamika has many things coming up for 2018 so stay tuned her motto is “Live the Life you love and Love the Life you live.

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What’s the one thing EVERYONE can agree is the hardest thing to find in ANY relationship? TRUST! Experience has taught us what happens when you give it away freely. Sometimes, it backfires – not just in romantic relationships but friendships as well. Endy and her best friend, Niema, are living the life of their dreams with the men they love. But little do they know, they’re about to be pulled apart by devastating secrets, which turn their worlds upside down. Their men, Jasean and Caine, who are also cousins, are living recklessly.

They’re into everything from drugs, to money laundering, to extortion - so they can provide for their family. Endy is forced to face the reality. While her marriage is falling apart, Niema can’t help because she’s dealing with problems of her own. After learning that Caine has impregnated another woman, Niema becomes enraged ending their long-term relationship. When Endy and Niema are put in compromising situations, their friendship and loyalty is tested.

Endy knows one thing for sure, and two things for certain: she’s not putting up with any disloyal people in her life anymore. Betrayal of Trust is an astonishing and drama-filled tale of vengeance, deceit, sex, love and anguish. Does anyone win, when no one can be trusted? You decide!

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Tamika Says...

You will never lack when you give back...