Scaled Composites Infosession

Thursday, May 8th 6-8 PM Eng IV 38-138 (6th week)

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Scaled Composites Talk

Eugene Nemirovsky, an engineer for Scaled Composites will be talking about what Scaled Composites does, their culture, and what a typical engineer does there! Eugene is an active recruiter, interviewer and UCLA Mechanical Engineering alum, who will be able to take questions about the cool projects he has worked on while at Aeros Aeronautical Systems and Scaled Composites, as well as some of the many experimental aircraft Scaled builds, such as Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, WhiteKnightTwo, and the Voyager and Global Flyer, both of which set records in their non-stop around the world flights. Come and learn about and internship opportunities at a cutting edge aerospace startup and get some pizza while you’re at it!

Wednesday 5/8/14, 6-8 PM in Eng IV 38-138


Check out for more about the company.

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