Welcome to the Southern Bling Team!

and welcome to this fab world of Stella and Dot!

Let's hit the ground running....

I am so so excited to have all you ladies on this team!!! This is such an exciting time for our company and this business and these next few months will be amazing! I want to make sure that you all get off to the BEST START POSSIBLE because I know you all started and signed up for a reason--because you wanted to try something new, have something for yourself, make some extra income for your family, get lots of jewels and have fun!!! And that all happens when you book trunk shows and SHARE what you are doing now! So I wanted to give you all a few tips and steps on the first thing to do when getting started!

Steps to getting Started STRONG AND BOLD!

This is going to be fun.....if you work it it will work for you!

Let's make this simple right? It does not have to be complicated when you start because our business comes down to 3 things--BOOK, SELL AND SPONSOR! That's it! It's that simple and I want you all to concentrate on that and don't sweat the rest of it---come to your sponsor or ME if you have any questions about anything else or anything at all!

1. ANNOUNCE YOURSELF!!! Let the world know what you are doing and show your excitement! Post on FB--message your relatives, friends, people you have in your life! Post pictures--take pictures of when you get your samples in and explain how you got them! Share it and be bold and joyful about it!

2. Book your LAUNCH SHOW!!!! It is highly encouraged for new stlyists to book a launch show for themselves! It gets people there and seeing the pieces in person (best thing for you and your business!) and lets them see how excited you are! Also a great place to book MORE SHOWS FOR NEW HOSTESSES!!! Also you get to double dip so you get paid commission like you always will as a stylist but you also get the HOSTESS REWARDS! So FIND A DATE--PICK IT--BOOK IT IN THE SYSTEM AND START TELLING EVERYONE AND INVITING!

3. Make your list!!!! There are resources in the lounge in Stellaverse that will help you make your list of people to reach out to! Write it on a piece of paper and try to think of as many people as you can! And REMEMBER they don't have to be best friends or good friends! I think the best people are family and people you know from every day life! Be STRATEGIC in who you reach out to! Remember: try to get 4 different groups of women so you meet LOTS OF NEW POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, HOSTESSES AND STYLISTS!
***just a tip on reaching out--make them feel special! Tell them you only picked a few people and they were first on your list because.....they are fun, stylish, cute, they would love it and have fun with, etc! They want to feel like you picked them for them and you didn't ask everyone!
***have the mindset that you are offering something to them not asking a favor from them! (because its true!!!) and tell them "I would LOVE to do a trunk show FOR you!"

4. Make your list of people to share this with! It's always more fun with a friend (believe me!) or someone you know so share it with people! Think of some girls who live out of town, people you knew from college or high school relative maybe in other areas and SHARE WHAT YOU ARE DOING and tell them WHY YOU THINK THEY WOULD LIKE IT TOO!!!! If anything at all its a compliment to them! Believe me--SPONSORING IS FUN AND EASY!!!

5. Book 4 TRUNKS SHOWS in 4 WEEKS WITH 4 DIFFERENT GROUPS OF WOMEN! Your Jumpstart lasts for 60 days and you don't get that time back--and Stella and Dot DOES NOT LIMIT how much Product Credit you can get or how much you can get paid so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT! They want us to!

6. Login to the lounge and play around with things to figure out how to book a trunk show, use the invite system, personalize invites, get TRAINING AND TIPS (STELLAVERSE!) and just how to navigate!

BUT BOOK AND SHARE FIRST! Because this technical stuff with the lounge doesn't matter without booking or selling???

Some apps and tools to download and use!

These are some great apps and resources I have used in my business that I love and could not live without!

--REDSTAMP (it's an APP on your phone or you can go to redstamp.com on your computer!)--they have a Stella and Dot collection you can use to send out Save the dates, invites, etc.
--Paperless Post (great and cute invite stystem too!)
--Walgreens -(download the APP so you can print off invites/pictures easily from your phone)
--Wordswag-(app only!) great for putting text with pictures to post on social media, text out
--Facebook (to get your business out there!!)
--Instagram (people love gorgeous pictures you share!)
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