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What would you do?

Imagine you witness a student, younger and smaller than yourself, getting into a fight with someone your age. The little kid packs a bit of a punch but really isn't a match for the older student. Eventually they give up for the day and go their separate ways. That is until the next day, and the next and the next; every time they meet the fists are flying. You tell the student in your year to leave it after all it's not really fair, 'pick on someone your own size' you say. The big kid says it is not your problem, keep out of it as he lifts his cricket bat up to hit the younger student again. Are you going to get involved? What would you do next? Walk away? Stand up for the little one?

Scaled up this is the dilemma our leaders unfortunately sometimes have to face...

All of these people suffered whilst other, powerful people did nothing to help them.

Never again, isn't that what people always say?

Syrian civil war

The leaders of many nations across the globe are unsure of what to do about the current crisis in Syria. What advice would you give to them? Stand by and watch it happen again it isn't our problem? Make it stop? Join the fight? Support the civilians?