Research Chemist

By: Ranchida 9th Hour

Facts on job

  • study the properties of substance
  • four base areas of chemistry: organic, inorganic,analytical and physical
  • discover new compound or combination of substance
  • tool use: scientific methods, special instruments and computer
  • must record about research and report
  • work 40 hours a week
  • work in laboratories, in offices or classroom
  • must followed any safely regulation
  • Specialize in sub field
  • Work for research firms manufacturing companies or the government


  • Creative: because you can make new experiments or use old to help to advance the field
  • Develop new products: because the product might be medication
  • Many fields to chose: cause you have more then just one to pick or to work for


  • Disadvantage: the career can feel like nature routine can have an effect
  • Dangerous: you may have to deal with virus or experiment a chemical explosion
  • Challenging: you may take years to solve or find a way to solve problem

Way to success

  • High school



Statistics and probability

  • Collage
4-10 years of collage

Collages and Drgree

Organizations for this career

  • American Chemical Society
Street: 1155 Sixteen street, Washington DC

Phone number: 1-800-333-9511

  • Council for Chemical Research
Street: 1120 route 73

Phone number: (856) 439-0500



Research Chemist: Will study the properties of substance. There are four base areas of chemistry: organic,inorganic,analytical,and physical and you can specialize in one of these field. They can discover new compound or combination of substance by using these tools: scientific methods, special instruments, and computer. They can develop new products or experiment to grow food and they record about their research and report back on their experiments. Apply today to become a research chemist. For more information call 1-800-333-9511 or go to

Requirements and Facts:

  • Must have a master drgree in chemistry
  • 40 hours of work per week
  • Get paid $570.98 dollars per
  • Preferred Ph.D
  • Working with chemicals


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