Ilan's Bar Mitzvah Festivities

Join us in Israel as we celebrate Ilan's Bar Mitzvah!

Ilan's special day is coming soon!

We are planning a fabulous week of celebrating being together. Join us for one, two, or all of the gatherings. Our goal is to enjoy family, enjoy Israel, and celebrate ilan! If you haven't been here in a while, now's the time to give it a second thought. We'd love to see you! READ BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION ON WHAT WE ARE PLANNING. Addresses and links to directions will be included here as well.



This company will set you up with a SIM card (they will send it to your home in America so that you have it when you leave/and arrive here). You'll need to bring your phone to an AT&T/VERIZON/or whatever your branch to have them make sure it is UNLOCKED and will be able to be used with a SIM card abroad.

Then, after you get on the plane and turn off your phone, you can switch the SIM card and put your Amer. card in a safe place for when you return. This way, you can also have telephone access and be able to be in touch AND USE GPS APPS LIKE GOOGLE MAPS OR WAZE while you are here. Let me know if you have any questions.

Scroll down for tips on what to wear while in Israel....

Calendar of Events:

Fri. July 8: Shabbat Dinner at Coby and Susie's--6pm

Sun. July 10: Bfast and Tour in Jerusalem

Mon. July 11: Bar Mitzvah Service and brunch at Norm and Judy's in Mevasseret Zion--Service begins at 9:30 am; brunch afterwards, probably around 10:30/11

Tues.-Wed. July 12-13: Overnight trip up North

Thurs. July 14: Evening Dinner Party at Coby and Susie's--7:30pm to.....

Fri. July 15: Shabbat Dinner at Norm and Judy's--6pm

Ilan's Bar Mitzvah- the Party

Thursday, July 14th, 7:30pm

Nahal Bezek 3/2 , Modiin

Overnight up North being planned.... Tues/Wed July 12/13

We reserved a group of rooms for an overnight stay on Tuesday night, July 12th at Kibbutz Gadot guest house – see more information and details here: The cost is 420 shekels per room per night for 2 people (approx. $105) with breakfast, which is very reasonable for the summer in Israel.

They are holding the rooms for us at the moment but we promised to give them an accurate count as soon as possible. There is also an option to reserve a second night on Wednesday night July 13th, which is highly recommended as it would give you more time to enjoy the area (no worries…the Bar-Mitzvah party on the 14th will only start around 7:30pm).

So, please send an email and let us know if you are interested in going and for how many nights.

Contact Coby at if you would like to join.

אירוח כפרי - קיבוץ גדות

PARTY at our house!- Thursday Night July 14

Join us under the stars as we celebrate Ilan with music, a catered dinner and lots of love. Our backyard will be transformed into a party hall and we hope to count you among our guests.


I've been asked to address the "dress code" for while you're here in Israel......First off, number one rule is CASUAL, CASUAL, CASUAL! Remember, summer days are HOT in Israel, but the evenings can actually get pleasantly cool. So having a light jacket or long sleeve shirt to put over your clothes are good ideas. As for our 'events'...........

Fri. night dinners at the Enteens......whether it's in Modiin at Coby/Susie's or in Mevasseret at Norm/Judy's, CASUAL is key. Be comfortable, feel free to 'dress it up' a bit, but nothing fancy fancy.

Sunday tour and breakfast in Jerusalem: Men/boys can feel free to wear nice shorts and short sleeved shirts. Please bring a kippa or a hat, or you can get one of the paper ones at the Kotel itself. Women/girls: skirts are not a MUST, but I wouldn't plan on shorts. If you're more comfortable in pants, this is fine too. But it's best to think 'modest dress' tank tops of course.

Monday service and brunch in Mevasseret: casual but nice. Kind of like the Fri night dinners, but remember we will be in a synagogue. (a reform synagogue in Israel feels more like a conservative one in the US). But pants are ok for women.

Tues/Wed. up north: shorts/t-shirts, bring bathing suit, light jacket for evening a possibility. Sunscreen/hats and water a must!

Thursday party at Coby/Susie's in Modiin: Casual Sheik.......comfortable but nice . Sundress or pants or whatever..........the party is outside, hopefully we won't have a heat wave that night, and it will be just average hot and not boiling. Come as you wish.......

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