Accessibility in Distance Learning

OTAP and RSOI "Where Do We Begin?"

Child/Educational Supporter Needs

  • Explicitly instruction in digital meeting management in terms of muting, camera placement, use of the chat box , dress code, appropriate background, area with reduced distractions and more are essential for success.

  • For younger students or students with more significant needs -individual meetings or small groups no larger than four or five.

  • Older student participation in whole class meetings with optional virtual office hours and individual tutoring sessions.

  • Kids who can’t use district platforms or tools for communication

  • Students with significant impairments-cognitive and behavioural - How do we provide them services. What are people doing to get families involved and provide them with those service.

  • 0-3 Virtual Home visiting model.

  • Guidance document for speech therapy/complex student needs.

  • Child safety in the home environment if there is lots of stress.

  • Digital citizenship.