Women's adventures of misery

Women's rights

Women do not have as many rights as men proving that people are forceful.


In Antigone, Creon forbids any one from burying Polynices as a law against everyone. In The Yellow Wallpaper Louis was not able to speak her mind without being "Mental". In Women's right to vote Men thought they were the dominant species.


The death of Antigone will supposedly help Creon with his thinking of her being useless.In On Women's Right to vote it is a sexist government and world. In The Story Of An Hour she is finally free from her husband.


In The story of an hour the lady was thought dead of grief rether than joy of freeness. In Women's right to vote women were not treated like people and it was questioned if they were people. In Antigone women were thought to not be brave instead she was and persevered in Creon's state of mind.

Robert Baker