Make Monday Matter

June 1, 2015


"So often we find that the students we've tried to INSPIRE are the ones who end up inspiring us".

Sean Jenkins

Summer School Teachers

I need to meet with summer school teachers tomorrow after school. Let's meet in the library as soon as students are out of there. This will not take over 15 minutes.


Thursday is a minimal day for students

Thursday will be an extended day for school faculty.

Be sure you are prepared for your appointment w/Rosemary and Petra on Thursday. There will be no early check ins. Refer to your check list. If your cumm folders are not prepared correctly you will not be able to sign out. If you have questions see Petra.

Fish fry for all faculty will begin at 4:30 Thursday.

Grades/Report Cards

Grades should be in by the end of the day tomorrow.

Be sure there are no missing grades so that each student has a semester and a final grade.

Report cards will be printed Wednesday so that you can prepare them to be mailed on Thursday.

Running Records

Kindergarten & 1st gr. teachers

If you haven't turned in your running records please do so ASAP.


Recess information

If you want/need to take your students out for extra recess please do it before 11:00 or after 1:00. This will keep the playground from becoming overcrowded during the lunch hours.

Those kindergarten or 1st gr. classes who go to recess on the kindergarten/Pre K playground before 12:00 please use the other playground on WEDNESDAY. Pre K will be using that playground all morning. Pre K should be finished between 11:30-12:00.