City of Bones

The Mortal Instruments (Book 1) - Cassandra Clare


Clary Fray and her best friend, Simon decided to visit a club called Pandemonium one night hoping to just have fun but instead Clary finds herself watching three other teenagers in the club and then follows them because she saw one of them pull out a knife and then ended up watching them kill someone, who they said was a demon. Clary's mom tell her that they are going on vacation and Clary leaves with Simon for the day because she doesn't want to leave. While with Simon Clary sees one of the boys from Pandemonium, Jace. Jace talks to Clary about that night and how and why she can see "them" since only people with "the sight" can see them, while speaking with Jace Clary get's a call from her mom her mom tells her not to come home and says that "they" have found her and then the line dies. Clary had ran back to her house finding it ruined and destroyed and her mom gone, while Clary was at her house alone she get's attacked by a demon and get's saved by Jace who takes her back to the instutuite where she meets the other two "Shadowhunters" from Pandemonium, Isabelle and Alec. Clary get's introduced to the whole "Shadowhunter world" and learns about what shadowhunters are how she can see the because Clary's mom is a shadowhunter. Because Clary asked and because she wanted Simon to know about Shadowhunters Jace allows him to see the world and learn along with Clary about the shadowhunter world. Then because her mom is still missing and who was apparently a member of a rebellian group against the goverment of Shadowhunter world, The Clave, not only that but they also find out that another member of The Circle is alive and who happened to be the person who wanted to take over the Clave and be in control was Valentine.So then Clary, along with Jace, Alec and Isabelle go to find her mom. Clary also is getting closer to Jace and that makes Alec upset because Clary's a distraction and she's getting in the way of the way things are suppose to go because Clary has caused many problems for all of them. And Clary also learns a secret about someone close to her mom and her, Luke who acted like a father to her, since her's is "Dead." And she also learns something about another one her family members who she never knew.


My opinion was that the book was really good and that it made me really love the characters, and that all of the fighting scenes were written very nicely. And that the idea of Shadowhunters is cool and interesting.


I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy with romance. Also people who like supernatural stuff like vampires, werewolves, and other ones like faeries. Also if someone who likes reading long series, or a series that continues with other characters.
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