10 reasons of tobacco

By Charles JaDoul

Lung cancer

Most people die in lung cancer but not too quickly. You will still live in about 5 years after smoking. The smoker's lungs will turn black.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

COPD is a lung disease that makes it hard to breath. It causes long term-disability and early death. It also make it hard to be active.


Tobacco cost too much money.


Tobacco causes death. There are lot of cancers tobacco can give you. Lung cancer, Brain cancer, and more.


Tobacco smells terrible like a nasty camp fire.

Brain cancer

Tobacco causes brain cancer. This will make you confuse and lost your memory.


Tobacco cause blindness.

Mouth cancer

Tobacco can cause the increase the risk of dental illness. It makes you chew gum that will lose some teeth.

sick people

Tobacco can cause second hand smoke that someone smokes in front of people, they will make people sick.

Smell bad

Tobacco makes you smell bad that the person will stink after smoking.