New Parents New Babies

Ivanna Bustos

Newborn Appearance

Your baby will have a big head , no neck and little depending on the baby's size. The baby will have soft spots on the head, this is because the baby had to fit through the birth canal. Your baby's skin varies in apereance according to how many weeks pregnant you were when your baby was born. Premature babies have thin transparent looking skin and may be covered with lanugo, a fine , downey hair. if your baby was born prematurely will also still be covered with vernix , greasy white substance that protects his/her skin from the fluid. Full-term and late babies will have only a few traces of vernixin the folds of their skin. Late babies may also have a slight wrinkly body. Your baby will have red spots in some places mostly on the face.

Bonding with you baby

  • Feeding the baby
  • Reading to your baby
  • Conversating with your baby
  • Playing games
  • Touch to touch
  • Bath the baby

Appropriate toys

  1. Is age appropriate
  2. Has tight constructed parts
  3. Has cords 12 inches of less
  4. Is colorful
  5. Painted with non-toxic substance
  6. Has rounded edges
  7. Produce of durable materials
  8. Not to heavy

Breast or bottle feeding ?

Pros Brest feeding:

  • Good for mom
  • Baby's will have a higher possibility of not getting asthma or allergies
  • Not much equipment
  • Not expensive
  • Loose weight faster
  • Moms uturis will go into place faster
  • Sanitary
Cons of breast feeding:

  • Moms medication might be hazardous to baby
  • Jealousy from siblings
  • Mom may feel social uncomfort
  • Dad won't be able to participate feeding
  • Would have to go to closed room
  • Be there for awhile
  • Milk will come out if not feeding

Bottle feeding Pros:

  • Anyone can help feed the baby including dad
  • Running to work will be more convenient
  • Reduces weak or ill mother and baby
  • Can make premade bottles
  • Can go anywhere and feed baby
  • Get a break from feeding
  • less time

Bottle feeding Cons:

  • Might have extra chemicals
  • To much milk can hurt the baby
  • To much equipment
  • Expensive
  • Sterilization are time consuming
  • Greater life hood of allergic responses and asthma

Know if your baby is Healthy or not here are the signs


  • Healthy growth
  • Alert and active
  • Good learner
  • Good appetite
  • Strong and clean teeth
  • Sleep uninterruptedly

  • Not growing right
  • Not active probably won't talk to kids
  • Don't listen
  • In pain
  • Crying
  • Won't sleep

When to give right foods

At birth-

milk through breast or bottle

2-4 Weeks Old-

(orange juice) or Vitamin C supplements

4 Weeks-

Fluoridated water

3 Months-

cereals which provide iron and taste different- B vitamins

3-4 Months-

mashed hard-cooked egg yolk- Protein

4 Months-

pureed fruit and vegetables - Vitamins

6 Months-

purred meat- protein and iron

7 Months-

breads and pastas - Vitamins B , carbohydrate


stained and chopped adult food all nutrients


SIDS- Sudden infant death syndrome

SIDS is an unexpected death to children 1 year or younger. It happens in beds, cribs, cots and normally occurs in sleep and when baby is placed on stomach or side to sleep. When they sleep this way they ant get no air to lungs and die or due to people smoking.

Crib saftey and House saftey

  • Mattress firm and properly fitted to crib so
  • boards close together so babies head wont go though
  • led free- non toxic paint on walls and furniture
  • Supervise infants at all times
  • Gates placed at doors and stairs
  • Outlets covered
  • no breakable items to baby's reach
  • No blankets or pillows left in crib at night
  • place baby on its back during sleep