Mariner space program

By:Nikheil Patel

Mariner space 1

Marnier 1 went off course during 1962 it blew up. Then the rocket fell and reentered our atmosphere and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Mariner 1 was the first attempt by the United States to send a spacecraft to Venus. It was to fly by the planet at a distance of about 29,000 km (about 18,000 miles), transmitting a variety of scientific data but no pictures.

Marnier space 2

Probe to flyby went to Venus in December 1962. With the atmosphere of about 800 degrees . Mariner 2 was a backup for the Mariner 1 mission which failed shortly after launch to Venus. The objective of the Mariner 2 mission was to fly by Venus and return data on the planet's atmosphere, magnetic field, charged particle environment, and mass.

Marnier space 3

Launch November 5, 1964 was the lost and failed because this mission went off course. The mission had to be ejected from space and It flew off into space. Mariner 3 and 4 were identical spacecraft designed to carry out the first flybys of Mars. The should encasing the spacecraft and the rocket failed to open properly, and Mariner 3 did not get to Mars. Three weeks later, on November 28, 1964, Mariner 4 was launched successfully on an eight-month voyage to the red planet.

Mariner space 4

This mission reached mars in 1965 and took rock samples and pictures. This was the first time that a space rocket went to mars. Mariner 4 spent just 25 minutes doing observations of Mars as it cruised by on July 14, 1965. In that brief time, it took 21 full pictures that as it beamed back to Earth it went through a 45 minute astroid shower and the astroids made holes and damaged that space craft. It then never came back to earth.

Marnier space 5

This mission was the original backup for mariner 4. When this mission went up into space it went into venus's atmosphere 85-99% carbon dioxide. Mariner 5 also studied the interplanetary space in the vicinity of Venus and furthered the art and science of building and operating interplanetary spacecraft.

Marnier mission video

Grand Explorations: Mariner 2 - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

Marnier Space 6/7

These mission were paired up and both went to mars. They both left 31 days apart from each other. They took a lot of samples and pictures. The equator and south polar regions and analyzing the Martian atmosphere and surface with remote sensors recording hundreds of pictures

Mariner Space 8/9 final missions

Mariner 8/9 went to mar's the atmosphere was very dusty. Over 349 days the spacecraft was there it took 7,329 pictures on its visit. These space craft’s were designed to be the first Mars orbiters, marking a transition in our exploration of the red planet from flying by the planet to spending time in orbit around it.
1962: Mariner 2 (NASA)

mariner 2

Mariner4: Part1 launch on November 28, 1964

Mariner 4 space video