Why you need to stop . . .

Why Most People Start Smoking

There is a lot of things that can influence someone to start smoking cigarettes, but what you might not realize is that those influences are right under your nose!

Teenagers in high school may see other people around them smoking, or even their friends. So they think that its cool, and once you start . . . BAM YOUR ADDICTED!

If your family members smoke, chances are you will try smoking at some point in your life. If your parents smoke, there is a high chance that you will smoke. Since you have already been introduced to it.

You might not realize it, but there are ads for cigaretts everywhere, like magazines. Say your looking through a magazine, you come across a cigarette ad and think 'well if its in here it can't be that bad'.

The Dangers of Smoking

Smoking Can Kill You

Smoking any tobacco products can result in a series of problems. No tobacco products are any better than the other. For example, chewing tobacco . . . people think that it is healthier than smoking cigaretts . . . but it is just as dangerous.

Smoking can effect many different parts of your body, including your heart and lungs.

  • Heart: Corony Heart Disease- when a waxy substance (plaque) builds onto your arteries.
  • Lungs: lung cancer, coughing, wheezing, asthma, pneumonia, death.