12th Night and She is The Man

Comparing the classic and modern versions of Shakespear


Both tales feature girls named Viola who venture into unfamiliar territory, disguised as a man. The main difference being that in 12th NIght, Viola is her own man named Cesario, while in She's the Man she is her brother Sebastian. By climax of the story, everybody is shocked to learn that Cesario/Sebastian is actually Viola.

Comedy of Manners

Throughout Viola's misadventures, her disguise causes much confusion and many strange or unbelievable scenarios. Both stories have a couple subplots with funny characters to lighten the mood and provide a good laugh and change of tone. 12th Night being the more serious of the two, thus requiring the comic relief. She's the Man is all around quite silly but still has some extra ridiculous parts to stay memorable.

The Breakdown

Comedy of Ideas - the love triangle

The main focus of both of these films is based off of the confusion caused by the disguise, a love triangle. You see, Viola is in love with Duke, but can't do much about it because Duke thinks she's a guy. Meanwhile Duke sends Cesario/Sebastian (Secretly Viola) to convince Olivia into loving him. Ironically enough, Olivia ends up falling for Cesario/Sebastian instead, resulting in mass calamity towards the climax of the two tales. So it's up to Viola to find her way into Duke's heart, while not completely shattering Olivia's. All while still remaining undercover.

Created by Eric Leal


English IV-1

December 8th 2014