2nd Quarter Review SMORE Activities

Percent CSI

Choose 2-3 scenes to complete alone

Then work together to solve the code with your group


Izzo-Friday/Finish up on Wednesday/Thursday

Make sure you turn in by Friday 1/15

* Both classes turn in bucket

Kahoot Ratio Review

We will play Kahoot as a class!

Please photo your work onto a whiteboard for up to 20 pt participation!



Unit Rate Review Partner Race Monday/Tuesday

1.Left tables will always be the left partner and right quadrants will be the right number

2. You will rotate to different partners to solve each ?

3. Work out ? on boxes sheet- If you have the higher unit rate you get a point!

4. Turn in work for how many ? you got through

-Go to blue rug if you are waiting on a partner

Go to green rug if you need help from Mrs. Lewis

Geometry & Coordinate Grid/Unit Rate Review Monday/Tuesday with Mrs. Gander

We will be reviewing

Reflecting points on the coordinate grid as well as finding the perimeter and area of polygons on the coordinate grid

Station 1 QR Task card Cubes

1. Each set of partners, take a QR cube out of the bucket.

2. Roll to see which task card you should select.

3. Solve your task card and bring to Mrs. Lewis to check.

ps. If you have time, roll up for a second card.

Station 2 Review Google Doc

Station 3 Reflection coordinates with Celebrities

Part 1: You will choose one of the celebrities and one of the task cards out of the envelope. Follow the directions to reflect the person and review reflections over both axes.

Part 2: Create an Educreations short video explaining one of your reflections.