Evergreen Secondary School

"Evergreen Monsters"

What our school is about

Evergreen Secondary School offers various opportunities for all students. We encorage them to take risks and support each and every student in their long winding pathway through life. At Evergreen Secondary, we believe that everyone can se successful through perseverance and hard work. Much like the evergreen trees; through the coldest of winters and the harshest of climates, our students make it through it all and flourish throughout the years.

Slogan - "at evergreen we're never mean. Prepares us for the unforseen."

"at evergreen we are never mean. Prepares us for the unforseen."this is our slogan that students at this school live by. Our slogan means that you should be nice and have a positive outlook on life. "prepares us for the unforseen" means that at evergreen secondary we will guide our students to the best of our ablility to their future that may or may not be so predictable.