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May 2017 Newsletter

Parents are the first and most influential teachers and advocates for their children.

It's May and the flowers are in full bloom!

It is great to get outside and enjoy the weather. One idea is to take a nature walk - be sure to point out the things you see, hear and smell. Your child will love using their senses to explore and learn! Some things are just as exciting each time you see, smell or hear them as it was the first time you did -- like spotting bald eagles out at Blue Springs Lake.

There are many places around Lee's Summit to enjoy the outdoors. Here is the link for the list of parks in Lee's Summit. Maybe you want to add some of these to your 'to do' list for the summer!


Join the Summer Learning Program at the library today!

To participate in the new learning program (formerly the summer reading program) at the Mid-Continent Public Library, you must create an account before May 22nd! The program runs from May 22 through July 31. To learn more, click on the link below.

Here Comes SUMMER!

Summer is just about here and time to get moving, especially outside. Get some fresh air and feel the sun’s warmth! Of course there are the obvious ideas of going to the park, visiting the zoo, playing or swimming in a backyard pool, but here are some other no/low cost suggestions for you and your little ones!

Infants- Take a blanket outside and spread it on the grass for you and your baby to lie on and play together!


  • Turning head side to side to follow bubbles.

  • Rolling side to side.

  • Reaching for toys just out of his/her reach.

  • “Tummy Time” for both of you- reading a book.

  • Propping up on forearms to look around.

  • Feeling the grass with their hands and feet.

  • Creeping or crawling around on blanket to get to toys at the far corners.

  • Water play- With a shallow pan of warm water placed under his feet, allow him to kick his feet around, feeling and hearing new sensations as he kicks. Can also be done with child lying on their stomach and child is watching an object in the water or reaching to put his hand in the water.

Young Toddlers- Take a blanket outside and spread it on the grass.

  • Sitting on the blanket, roll and corral the ball back and forth to your child.

  • Squatting down or tall kneeling to a pail or bucket with water in it and some floating toys. Focus here is the sustained squatting or tall kneeling position to build strength in their core and legs for balance.

  • Walking on grass or sand or soft surfaces to improve balance. Start including small inclines and declines for extra challenges.

  • Pushing large toy truck/push toy/ laundry basket around on the grass.

  • Riding on a push toy outside on the sidewalks.

  • Reaching for and popping bubbles.


  • Lying down and rolling down a hill.

  • Running around with a store bought or homemade kite.

  • Go to the local playground and help your child as needed to make sure they are safe to access the play equipment including slides and swings.

  • Walking on railroad ties or concrete borders approximately 4-6 inches wide like a balance beam with one foot in front of the other foot.

  • Tossing and catching a balloon or beach ball to each other.

  • Kicking a playground ball around the yard or park.

  • Running and jumping up to pop bubbles.

  • Jumping down off a curb or bottom step.

  • Going on a walk and play “Follow The Leader” working on different ways to move: walking backward, walking sideways, running, galloping, jumping, etc.

  • Pretending to be different animals: waving arms up and down like a bird, jumping like a frog, standing on one leg like a flamingo, crab walking like a crab, walking on hands and feet like a bear, crawling on hands and knees like a dog/cat. Make up your own and let your child make up different movements!

Older Preschoolers/Pre Kindergarten-

  • Playing tag

  • Playing a Run Around game- one person gives directions such as “run to the tree, touch the bark, and come back” or “run to the slide, go down one time, and come back” or “run around the tree three times”.

  • Drawing with large chalk on the sidewalks. Can work on alphabet and numbers.

  • Rolling or tossing a ball back and forth and pairing with a verbal cue such as, saying the ABCs (each person says a letter on his/her turn), count forward or backward, think of different colors, shapes, foods, etc.

  • Playing Red Light Green Light-One person(stop light) stands at one end of the yard/room. The stop light yells out “green light” for the other player(s) to move forward and “red light” for the players to stop. For variations to keep things fun: “yellow light” can mean walk slowly; “blue light” can mean hop; “purple light” can mean walk backwards, etc. Take turns being the stop light.

  • Throwing a ball to a target or basket. Let your child start at whatever distance is comfortable for him. Concentrate on having fun – not making it a contest!

  • Playing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes- Start out by singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” at a normal pace. Once your child gets the concept, try it slower, faster, super fast, and “warp speed,” or substitute other body parts in for a change of pace.


Literacy begins with you! Your child gets the most out of books when you show them how important reading is to you! Give your child the message that books are special! They play an essential role in your child's development and are a building block for their future. Model reading newspapers, magazines, even websites. Share books and help your child build their skills!

Mid Continent Public Library

Don't forget to take advantage of the storytimes available at our local libraries. There are many opportunities available to share the love of reading with your child.

Little Free Library

Did you know???

Great Beginnings Early Education Center has a Little Free Library!

Please be sure to stop by our Little Free Library in front of our school. We have a second lending library on our playground as well!

Anyone may contribute or take books. The more the merrier! If you take a book (or two) from our Library, you do not need to return that exact book. However, in order to keep the Little Free Library full of good choices for everyone, the next time you swing by, bring a few books to leave and share. The Little Free Library book exchange functions on the honor system; everyone contributes to ensure there are always quality books inside. This way, we all win!

Johnny and Adam bring rhythm and music to GBEEC!

Lots of fun and learning taking place with Johnny and Adam!

Book Ideas for May

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Audrey and Don Wood

Five Little Monkeys by Eileen Christelow

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert

Only One You by Linda Kranz

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litw

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming

Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Pete the Cat | I love My White Shoes
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Infant Massage

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Great Beginnings/Head Start/Parents As Teachers Day at Paradise Park

Wednesday, May 3rd, 1-8pm

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Last Day of School for 2016 - 2017

Early Release Day - Last Day of School

May 22, 2017