Copopa Chronicle

March 31, 2021


The 4th Grade Panoramic picture will be taken on Wednesday, April 14, 2021!

The order forms will be sent home on Monday, April 12, 2021! Please ask your student for it! You can also check the school website for all of the information.

Important Dates

4/1- No School- Teacher In Service Day

4/2 - 4/11- No School- Spring Break

4/12- All Hybrid Students Back 5 Days a Week!

4/29- Marco's Pizza Night

Marvelous Mondays

4/12- Cleveland Indians Day! Wear your favorite baseball shirt and hat

4/19- Dress Up Day- Wear your nicest clothes

4/26- Spring Color Day

5/3- Wear your Favorite Hat or Headband

5/10- Cartoon T-Shirt Day

5/17- Pajama Day and Stuffed Animal Day

5/24- Summer is coming Soon! - Wear your sunglasses

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Marco's Pizza Night


Once again Copopa is entering into the Marco's Pizza Night School Challenge! By entering we have the chance to win prizes ranging from free Cheezybread Coupons up to $5000 for the school and a school wide pizza party (if permitted).

There are a couple of ways to help us out!

1.Order online ANY day or time during the school year and we can earn Pizza Points.

2.Walk in or Call in orders on the designated Marco's Pizza Nights will also earn us points!

Marco's Pizza offers these School Nights and they give back a percentage of sales generated from those nights that are called in on the phone or placed in the store. They give EVEN MORE for orders placed ONLINE! All orders online will be counted in the year long Online Challenge. BE SURE to hit the fundraiser button before you order!

This works for either the Strongsville or Berea location! Be sure to enter our school name when placing your order! Our designated day is Thursday, April 29, 2021. But remember that we can earn points ANY day of the year if you order online and enter our school name and if you remember, your child's teacher's name!

Clash Day

Online 100 Project

Online Story Writing with Mrs. Bowman

One day there was a person named Simon at a space station in outer space. Then he checked the oxygen tank and he realised that it was running low on oxygen. He went on to an escape pod and flew away until he hit an alien ship! So he went in to ask him if they had a backup oxygen tank and they did! But he would have to impress the aliens with some dance moves to get it. So he did the best dance moves that he could do and the aliens thought they were hilarious so he got the oxygen tank and landed at the space station. He got the oxygen where it should be and flew back to earth and started practicing dance moves more often.

Written by Simon Kramer and Lucas Cleavenger

February 19th

Shared Writing

Online Google Meeting

Favorite Google Meet Lesson

Equations with Mr. LaMoreaux was my favorite Meet- Bradley Bowman

Charades with Mr. Torok- Liam Eilenfeld

Free Day where we wrote Christmas Words- Keegan Brunk

Christmas Scavenger Hunt- Bentlee Johnston

Ms. Grella taught us about different types of Fossils- Weston Hamman

Mr. LaMoreaux playing timed Bingo and quizzes with Mr. Bailey- Max Kishiue

Drawing pictures follow along- Lexie Keirn

Playing Bingo and Making Crafts with Mrs. Schwartz- Kate Cantrell

Mrs. Bowman Played Math Games with us- Cullen Loftin

Mrs. Templeton had a guessing game and Prime and Composite with Mrs. Brendza- Anthony Pizzuli

Pajama Google Meet with Mrs. Schwartz -Ethan Scharf

Halloween Google Meet with Mrs. Sottosanti -Nolan Wright

Scavenger Hunt on Google Meet with Mrs. Wododslawsky -McKenna Richards

Quizzes with Mr. Bailey -Nick Reutzel

Quizzes with Mr. Bailey -Kayleigh Shorte

Scattergories with the Specials Teachers -Nora Elliott

Scattergories Special Meet -Tegan Rodgers

Quizzes with mrs. Templeton -Donavin Friscone

We had a Christmas Google Meet with Mrs. Templeton -Colin Zimmer

Mystery Bag guessing game with Mrs. Templeton -Gianna Stervagi

Tie Dye and Favorite Color Day

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100th Day of School

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Hello Copopa families, and hello Spring! The sunshine helps us all feel a little more

hopeful and gets us out of the house! March has been busy at Copopa! Kindergarten

students learned that “It’s Okay To Be Different” thanks to author Todd Parr. We

discussed how everyone is different and special in their own way, and chose our skin

color, hair, and eye color and made self-portraits!

First graders learned about being a good friend, just like “Charlie the Caterpillar” by

Dom Deluise. We made our very own butterflies to remind us to be good friends to

others, to say kind words and be helpful. Second grade students read the book entitled

“Listening with My Heart” by Gabi Garcia. We talked about using words that are helpful

to others, and helpful to ourselves! Sometimes we say words to ourselves that we would

never say to another person, but we still need to remember to be a friend to us, too!

Third grade talked about dreams for our future, we talked about what we might want to

be when we grow up! We read “Someday” by Eileen Spinelli and created clouds with

our dreams! I have included some pictures of third grade “clouds” for you to enjoy!

Fourth graders participated in an activity called “the power shuffle”, where students got

to see from everyone that they are not alone and that everyone has experienced

teasing and unfriendly actions. We promised to each other that we would try to be kind

to each other and to speak up when we see someone being mistreated. We read the

book “One” by Katherine Otoshi and everyone could relate to its simplicity and sweet


As always, contact me anytime if you have questions about the counseling program at

Copopa or if you need assistance with your child. I can be reached at 440-236-3773 or

via email at Have a wonderful Spring break, enjoy your

families and holidays!

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Spring is in the air!!!!!!

There is nothing like enjoying nature to improve mental and physical health. Take advantage of the amazing offerings right here through the Lorain County Metropark System!