Interesting Fact

  • One of Stan lees first writing job was writing obituaries

  • In the 1960's he worked closely with Jack Kirby

  • 1963 he developed X-Man

  • October 2010 he sues Disney for profits from Marvel movies and Merchandise

Something I Didn't Know Is......

  • Before he became famouse he worked part time writing obtuaries fore newspapers and writing press realases for the Natinoal Tubrerculosis
  • He joined the Army in 1942 served for the duration of World War ll
  • He is 90 years old
  • influential man in comic book history

Society knows him for.....

  • Making Marvel Comics and creating the largest story in the history of the world

  • Created the largest story in the history of the world

  • Also known for his trademark motto "Excelsior!"

  • He devised the system of comic-book production known as the Marvel Method

His Family

  • Born in New York City on December 28, 1922

  • His birh sign is Capricorn

  • Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe
  • He has 2 kids Joan Celia and Jan Lee
  • His father was a dress cutter after the Great Depression destroyed his career