Causes of the American Revolution

By Sarah Webb

Proclamation of 1763

The colonist were not allowed to move in past the Appalachian Mountains. The colonist were also not allowed to go to the Ohio River Valley, because the king does not want to pay for another war which made the colonist feel betrayed.
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Stamp Act of 1765

The colonist had to pay for a stamp every time they bought a paper item. Colonist formed The Sons of Liberty, and they violently frightened tax collectors.
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The Townshend Act of 1767

The colonist boycotted British goods. The colonist wrote a letter that violated legal rights to the British. The colonist again are battling in a way with England because of the acts that are unreasonable for the colonist to have to follow but the king keeps making them.
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The Boston Massacre (1770)

British soilders came to Boston. They were out and one of the soilders was hit with a club. That soilder then fired his gun which was then followed by other soilders and ended up killing 5 of the Boston Citizens.
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The Tea Act

The British sold tea directly to the colonist. The king made the colonist buy all of there tea from the king and the colonist would get into serious trouble if they bought there tea from somebody else.

The Boston Tea party

Since the king was making the colonist buy tea from the king they wanted to do something to protest and show them what they thought about it. So in the middle of the night the Boston colonist go on there boats, went out to the ocean, and dumped 340 tea chests into the ocean.
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The Intolerable Act

The king and the colonist then lost there loyalty so the king (British) sent many soldiers over to Boston and had a soldier in each and everyone of the Boston homes. For this one there wasn't much that they could do but they did what they could.
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Lexington and Concord

General George Washington lead the colonist in battle against the British once the colonist no longer considered themselves British and stopped listening to the kings laws/acts. The Lexington and Concord battle was the first battle that started the Revolutionary War.
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