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~ News ~

CallVU's solution for ‘customer service blues’ won IATI & Mastercard Israel Tech Award

The prize is awarded to companies with innovative products or services that can help consumers and retailers alike, and CallVU, which takes the sting out of what many consumers consider to be a generally painful process, fits the bill.

Besides the cash prize, CallVU will join a financial technology accelerator program run by the international financial organization, Citi.

~ Welcome! ~

TROPHiT and IsItYou have started Exploreing. Dreaming. Discovering.

TROPHiT and IsItYou have passed the OCS process and is now a part of our Explore family!

TROPHiT, a game changing advertising solution, leverages the power of mobile games and gamified apps by allowing mobile users to receive real physical rewards from top nearby brands, for their in-game

virtual achievements, anywhere in the world.

IsItYou has set out with a very clear objective. To make the mobile world of commerce, payments, banking, and social media safe for users. That meant developing a technology that would provide strong security but in a way that normal people would actually use.

~ Events ~

Explorers Event

Our latest Explorers Event was all about our Explorers and their explorations.

On a glass (or more) of beers, we all met at the Dancing Camel Brewery to get to know all the companies a bit better, to know where each is headed and what everyone's doing.

The OCS visit to Explore. Dream. Discover.

In the middle of January, Explore. Dream. Discover. had hosted the Chief Scientist, Mr. Avi Hasson, the Head of the Incubators program Mr. Yossi Smoler and their team for a visit at the Incubator.

The Chief Scientist was presented with the highlights of Explores' passing year, along with several presentations by our Explorers and an interesting discussion regarding the Israeli Incubator program - where it is now and where it's heading.

~ Congratulations! ~

Mazal-Tov to the WSC Sports family

Daniel & Sivan - congratulations on your wedding day!

We wish you all the best of luck and success,

much health, wealth, love and patience.

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