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Week of Feb. 15-19


* Do iReady Reading for 20 minutes (Set a timer)

Main Dishes (You must do all of these)

1. Complete the Grandma's Garden activity where you will find all of the types of figurative language in the passage and complete the puzzles to identify what time of figurative language and the definition.

2. Complete the Firsthand/Secondhand Sort with a partner. There are 4 copies of this, SO if they are all being used, work on something else until they are available. When finished sorting, see me for a key to check yourself.

3. Complete the Study Island Assessment for Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts. Read carefully and take your time. Do your VERY best! :-)

4. You MUST do this AFTER meeting with Mrs. LaRusso...

Work on the questions from the passage that you read with the teacher. ONLY do the part that you have been assigned.

Side Dish (Just one!)

1. Read the articles that I assigned to you on NewELA and answer the questions. There are 2 articles to read.

Desserts (Enjoy as much as you want!!)

1. Practice your Wordly Wise Words at

2. Read a book on and take a quiz

3. Go to and research a former president. Create 3 or more slides in Google Slides to tell me what you learned about the president. Share your slides with me at